DAOs in the Real World: Utilizing DAO Tooling for non-DAO Applications

August 31st, 2023

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center at Stanford University


On August 31st, the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research and the DAO Research Collective will bring together an intimate group of leading academics, policymakers, and industry representatives to explore the non-DAO applications of DAO tooling.

Attendees will discuss how institutions, governments, and other key non-DAO stakeholders can most effectively use DAO tooling for non-DAO applications, and how to bring these applications into the mainstream to help the industry realize its full potential.

One example of such an application, which we will explore in detail, is how DAO tooling enables equitably owned and governed organizations, like co-ops, to scale up and challenge corporate competitors. This will build off the work completed at the Harvard Summit on Equitable Ownership and Governance we co-hosted in April 2023.

This is the second annual DAO Workshop, see here for details on last year’s workshop.


Submit your application here by August 14!

Unfortunately space is very limited (only 50 attendees will be selected) and you will not receive a response if you are not selected to attend. If you are selected to attend, your admission will be free.